Our Team

Eric graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2009 majoring in Nutrition and Culinary Arts.  He went on to work as a professional chef for a little over a year.  Eric then did some nutritional work for NFL/MLB players during an internship which led him to some nutritional consulting for one of the Miami Dolphins the following year.

After deciding to move away from both the restaurant and sports nutrition industries, he  worked through a management training program up in Boston, MA.  ”I received incredible training and coaching while I learned the industry, Eric stated.”  He was then given a large investment and some great connections with brokers and clients which allowed him to open up Peak Incorporated in Denver, CO.

I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.  Starting from the ground floor myself, I learned everything necessary to open and manage a very successful business.  I am very grateful for every opportunity that I was given.  I am excited to share the opportunity with the amazing members of my team.

Eric Norregaard
President/ CEO

Nicole is currently a student at Rivier University. She has previously worked as a nursing assistant at long term care facilities, and really enjoys working with and connecting with people. She recently received an opportunity to get involved with her brother’s company managing public relations.

I am thrilled to have joined the team and am excited for the change of pace that will accompany my new position with the company!

Nicole Norregaard
Director of Public Relations

Having lived in Colorado for 16 years,  Billy thrives on an active lifestyle! Snowboarding, hiking, running, rugby, and countless other activities remind him to keep moving and to have fun. He went to School at the University of Northern Colorado and graduated with a degree in marketing. With it he began work in advertising and played around with a couple of start-up companies.

A series of fortunate events have led me to the Management Training Program where I now continue my active lifestyle and professional progression with a huge crew of great coworkers. When I’m ready, you’ll find me with an office in San Diego so I can add surfing to my list!

William Davenport
Manager - Dallas
Suzanne graduated from Gordon College in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Her plan was to work with Non-Profits in Development but she felt like she needed more experience. That’s when she started with the company in Boston, MA as an entry-level account manager representing Verizon Fios. “The management training program taught me a range of skills from sales to HR administration with a whole lot of leadership skills on top,” said Suzanne. In September of 2011 Eric Norregaard was about to open up a new office in Denver representing Centurylink. After six months of working hard with the Boston Team Suzanne had earned a spot on the expansion team . She jumped at the opportunity to relocate and be apart team moving to Colorado!
Since being here in Colorado I’ve been promoted to Assistant Manager and am excited to open another independent office this Spring. I never thought I’d leave New England, but after traveling quite a bit with the company and relocating to The Wild West; I’ve been bit by the travel bug and hope to relocate a few more times representing our different clients before making my way back to New England!
Suzanne Hoofnagle
Manager - Las Vegas