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Peak Incorporated professionals concentrate their unique abilities in the delivery of direct services for these clients in the service based industries. We help you build strong local presence for your business by creating a relationship with your customers.

Peak Incorporated can get your campaign up and running in no time.
"Consistent action brings consistent results."

Target Markets

The customers most likely to want what you offer. The segments you can serve most profitably. Approaches that will deliver higher margins. Ways you can outmaneuver your competitors..
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Marketing Objectives

The specific behavior changes that will produce the business results you’re looking for. With numbers attached, because you get what you measure.
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Market Positioning

The best way to position your organization that clearly defines your differences—and helps people understand why those differences matter to them.
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Communications & Contact

Messages that will compel your target audiences to re-think your product or service and change their behavior and the most effective and cost-effective ways to convey your messages to the most productive audiences.
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Need a professional team you can count on? Look no further!

We drive revenue, customer acquisition and market share objectives in the commercial sector through our highly skilled, professional sales teams.

Why choose us?

  • Customer-centric marketing
  • Sales lead generation
  • Solid customer relationships
  • Accelerate Growth
  • Optimize Coverage
  • High standards and integrity
  • Drive results
  • Reliable and dependable

Explore the Power of Peak Incorporated: Our Culture

Great people are our most important assets and essential to our success. In fact, we value new ideas and we look for a diverse range of individuals in our search for employees. Our differences are our strength; the fact we don’t all think the same way encourages lively debate and sound solutions.

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In the Office

In the office, the team collaborates, learns, coaches, and practices to ensure we are the best team, not only in Denver, but around the country.

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Out of Office

Our team believes in building solid relationships in order to hit goals as a team. In order to do this, we often partake in team building activities.

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Travel & Conferences

Travel and Conferences allow us to network, learn, and re-connect with goals. You’ll find we do a lot of it!


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“Can you tell me a little more about Peak Incorporated?”

We drive revenue, customer acquisition and market share objectives in the commercial sector through our highly skilled, professional sales teams.

We have built a heritage of growing our clients’ advanced offerings in new and existing accounts by leveraging our market knowledge, technical expertise and end-user relationships.

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4251 Kipling St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone: (303) 431-6501
Email: ihr@peak-incorporated

About Us

Peak Incorporated provides a friendly, professional and thorough slaes force that bridges the gap betwen large companies and their customers that other marketing channels cannot effectively reach.